While Marvel and Netflix are working hard on series for The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and Season 2 of Jessica Jones, rumour has it they’re also developing a handful of new shows. These shows being Blade, Ghost Rider, and most interestingly, Moon Knight.

According to MovieCreedLive.com, they have sources that have revealed that the aforementioned Marvel properties are being developed with Netflix exclusivity in mind. We’ve already seen what great success Marvel and the streaming giant have with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, which were both gritty in their own right, so it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to imagine these shows actually happening.

There’s no information for us to talk about just yet, but the potential of these amazing characters being brought to life (not the first time for Blade and Ghost Riderwas too exciting for us not to share this speculation. Blade and Moon Knight fit in perfectly with what’s already came from the partnership of Marvel and Netflix: street level heroes with intriguing pasts and unique character traits.

Wesley Snipes has mentioned his talks with Marvel for a while and at one time said they were seeming positive, so we’d love to see him return to train his vampire daughter up to his spectacular standards.

A Moon Knight movie would be messy due to how complex Marc Spectre is, but a 13 hour series on Netflix provides an ample amount of time for us to tap into his mental state at the required level for it to be interesting.

Let’s not even mention those god-awful Ghost Rider movies starring Nicolas Cage. We need this character to see him justice on the small screen and this is the perfect opportunity for it to happen. We’ll keep you updated as soon as further developments happen, of course!


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