Season 5, Episode 8.

Th latest episode of Arrow does two things absolutely brilliantly. First, it pays homage to itself on it’s 100th episode. And secondly, it slots in perfectly into the Invasion! crossover. The main bulk of the episode revolved around all the non-powered heroes trapped into a Matrix-like world, where everything is perfect. It was a fantastic way of doing an ‘out-of-this-world’ plot whilst simultaneously grounding it. Considering Arrow’s strengths definitely lie in it’s street level stories – this alien plot works in the series’ favour massively.

As we mentioned, it’s the series 100th episode. Given that it’s such a big milestone, Arrow pulls out all the stops. With cameos and appearances from all the major players from across all the seasons so far – it certainly isn’t one to miss. Given the nature of the episode, it wonderfully allowed the writers to bring back people like Robert and Moira Queen. And whilst Thea’s last minute change of heart felt a little two rushed, the scene between Oliver and his little sister seemed utterly real. Both Stephen Amell and Willa Holland give stand out performances. And even though his part of the episode was minimal, it was great to see Deathstroke back again.

As a love letter to itself and as a piece of the Invasion! puzzle, Arrow truly excelled this week. The episode leads up to the finale in a big way, and it promises all out war with The Dominators. It’s great to see that the writers aren’t shunning the Legends of Tomorrow either, as it would be easy to do so given they’re essentially made up of previous supporting characters. Overall, this is quite easily one of the best episodes in the series, reminding us why we fell in love with it in the first place. This is definitely one for the fans, but boy, it’s worth it.



9.4 Awesome
  • 100th Episode Homage 10
  • Plot 9.5
  • Characters 9.3
  • Character Development 9

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