Season 5, Episode 3.

The debut of wrestler Cody Rhodes comes with some heavy handed references to the star’s fight with Stephen Amell last summer. And whilst it works well as a nod of the head to their friendly rivalry, it comes across a little ham fisted throughout the episode if you’re not familiar with the pair. As a stand-alone story however, it does the job of throwing a wrench in the works of the new vigilante team. Especially given that Wild Dog is more like a Wild Card in the team thus far. But that makes him all the more interesting to watch.

The writers are really approaching these new characters with a larger sense of depth, slowly dipping our toes into their backstories before revealing too much. Ragman is still proving to be such an interesting character – given that we don’t actually know that much about who he is or the powers that he possesses. And even though we’ve already been fully introduced to Curtis – it’s great to see that the writers aren’t letting his character stay and get stale. His awkward dialogue was some of the best parts of the episode. There’s also a brilliant reference to the original ‘Mr Terrific’, keep your ears open.

Diggle’s portion of the story so far is proving to be a brilliant sub-plot, dealing with espionage and military corruption. The Arrow writers were serious about taking the show back to it’s roots. And it works wonders. His scenes with Deadshot were some of the best we’ve seen in a while. With Michael Rowe going further with his tactile and manipulative performance as the assassin.

We’re also making our first prediction at who Prometheus is… the sickly sweet District Attorney, played by Josh Segarra. And whilst the studio previously announced he would be playing the hero named Vigilante, we think that’s a decoy for his true role as Prometheus. Of course, we could be wrong, but he just seemed too nice and also quite cunning. Overall, the episode is an enjoyable one. It doesn’t rely too much on the overall plot rather focusing on the characters and their experiences. Arrow Season 5 is definitely off to a great start so far.

8.9 Brilliant

The writers weren't lying when they said they've stripped it back to it's roots.

  • New team 9.5
  • Plot 8
  • Cody Rhodes 7
  • Diggle's story 10
  • Character Development 10

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