Season 5, Episode 2.

Is this one of the best episodes of Arrow ever? Quite possibly. After the brilliant first episode, Oliver chooses to train three new recruits in the same brutal fashion as the Bratva taught him. And things get messy, both emotionally and physically. And the episode doesn’t hold back in showing the distaste from the recruits at being knocked down a peg or two. And whilst their characters haven’t been fleshed out enough just yet for the audience to really connect with them – it’s still refreshing to see the writers to craft new identities and characters into the main storyline. And whilst there’s plenty of sub-plots stretched across this episode – Arrow handles them all masterfully.

The main bulk of the episode dealt with a corrupt corporation that has dealings with street crime. This is where Arrow excels. It’s going back to it’s roots from the first season, with the added bonus of new heroes and a sense of boldness. The twists and turns across the episode flow perfectly into a visually entertaining finale that has a genuinely intriguing resolution. it’s great to see that the writers aren’t afraid to explore new avenues in their characters either. With both Felicity and Quentin given entirely new story-arcs for themselves and not just in service of the Green Arrow. They’ve both been neglected for far too long – and it’s clear that this is their time.

ragman-arrowThe introduction of the anti-hero ‘Ragman’ was absolutely superb. In fact, we’d go as far as it’s one of our favourite introductions to a new character across the entire series. The way that the episode dealt with his origin as part of the events of last season was nothing short of brilliance. And whilst last season wasn’t the greatest, the sense of connectivity and consequences works an absolute treat. The character has a lot of potential, and we can’t wait to see how far he goes with Oliver and the rest of the team.

Overall, we couldn’t enjoy this episode enough – it covers everything perfectly. The main plot and the sub-plots interlock and move around each other seamlessly. Even the action sequences were visually brilliant. This is Arrow at it’s best.

9.3 Brilliant

New anti-heroes, connectivity and a plot that proves to be highly entertaining. This is Arrow at it's best.

  • Ragman 10
  • Plot 9
  • Character development 9

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