Season 4, Episode 18.

Team Arrow really aren’t having a grand old time against Damien Darhk are they? However, this episode was one of the better of the season. It’s pace was a hell of a lot better, as the writers barely stopped for a breath before leading us onto the next action-packed scene. It’s a great example of an episode where the plot is well written, the action pieces fit in wonderfully amongst some of the more character driven scenes and we get some more evil evil deeds from Mr. Darhk, again.

The more interesting part of the episode was how the dynamic shifted between the Green Arrow, Diggle and Andy. And we finally get the reveal that everyone knew was coming anyway, that Andy hadn’t reformed for good – and was clearly working for H.I.V.E. all along. They teased a little of the conflict between Ollie and Diggle that we saw early on in the season, but quickly changed the pace before we got a repeat of that whole ‘trust’ plotline again.

Arrow is usually pretty good at casting and creating intriguing and challenging villains for our heroes to face. This episode utilised both Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn as they worked side by side for once, and their partnership is one that really plays havoc with Team Arrow’s city saving plans. It’s always wonderful to see John Barrowman onscreen, but it’s getting a little boring how often he reminds the audience that he IS Thea’s father… he’s not letting that one go any time soon. And then there’s the spoiler-y issue of the thing we’ve all been waiting for; who ends up in the grave scene that we saw at the beginning of the season. Skip past the ominous looking photo below if you want to know the twist in the episode…



Another Black Canary bites the dust. When Darhk regains his powers, he chooses to impale Laurel on an arrow that Ollie had previously shot at him, oh dear. It’s a shame, it’s a role that never seems to be fully occupied for long. Sara had it, died, came back to life, had it again, passed it to Laurel for a while and now she’s gone too. It really is a wonder that any of the Lance family are still alive considering the amount of bad news they have to go through every single season. We’re not quite sure how Quentin Lance will cope, but don’t expect him to be putting the blonde wig on anytime soon. But now that there’s a Canary sized hole left in Team Arrow, who will fill the void… Vixen? Will Curtis step up as his comic-counter part, Mr Terrific? Will Ray come back from Legends of Tomorrow? Who knows.

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Don't Canary Cry.

8.5 Awesome

One of the better episodes of the season.

  • Pace 9
  • Writing 8
  • Twist 8.5

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