Season 4, Episode 8.

This episode marks the end of the Ghost Rider for the foreseeable future, and it’s definitely the best portion of the show we’ve ever seen. The writers provided enough twists to keep the character unpredictable while keeping the character close enough to the comics to satisfy loyal readers – even people who were unwilling to give Robbie Reyes’ version of Ghost Rider a chance came round to him.

This mid-season finale delivered on the action and managed to make some characters – notably Yo-Yo – become more interesting, more involved, and more integral. We’re actually looking forward to the upcoming digital spin-off series, Slingshot. The first arc of Season 4 helped Doctor Strange to introduce the supernatural and unexplainable side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe wonderfully.

Just because Ghost Rider’s gone (for now), it doesn’t mean the show’s lacking in story now. This season has proved that the writers can balance multiple plots expertly, so we’re not surprised to see the Life Model Decoy plot to become more important and take center-stage in the second half of the season. We’ve still got the Inhuman stuff to look forward to, especially with Mace, too.

Aida has been brilliant, and there’s a big twist involved LMD’s and May in this episode that shocked the shit out of us. In the best way possible, though. This side of the show feels Ultron-esque as it’s involved with Artificial Intelligence going rogue and taking a turn towards the dark side. We’re next expecting the show to become the next Westworld, but it could be really bloody good.

Daisy has finally returned as an Agent. She’s been great along Robbie, but now he’s gone she really needs to regroup with Coulson, Simmons, and co – last season’s story with Lincoln and Ward was a bit stale, and we know for sure that Daisy works well with the other Agents. Mace has been set up for us to dislike him, but only because he’s just too damn nice and SHIELDy. We think there’s a chance Coulson will take over from Mace as the Director again by the end of the season, but it’s shaken things up nicely and we’re glad Mace has been given a super-suit! He actually looks quite cool, and it gives off a Winter Soldier vibe.

Overall, this episode wraps up the Ghost Rider portion of Season 4 in immense fashion, and we’re glad that it’s not completely cut off the chances of Gabriel Luna returning. We’re glad Daisy’s back with the Agents, and we’re definitely excited to see Life Model Decoys becoming the next big arc.

9.0 Awesome

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ends the first half of this season by closing out the Ghost Rider arc.

  • Daisy is an Agent again 9
  • Ghost Rider arc 9
  • Life Model Decoys 9

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