Season 4, Episode 5.

Big plotlines such as the Darkhold and Eli Morrow are brought to the forefront of the show this week, and we’re pretty happy about it. Not only that, but Jeffrey Mace – SHIELD’s new director – doesn’t seem to be as squeaky clean as first appeared. Surprise? Meh, not particularly. Effective? Sure.

No matter what stories are chucked at us, we can’t help but marvel at the fight sequences. No surprising here, but Robbie and Daisy are at the center of it. They’re in prison, hence the name of this episode, alongside May, Coulson, and the team – and they’re trying to protect Eli. But they’re protecting him from Lucy, and that’s obviously not going to be an easy task.

Director Mace gets a good dose of looking at and there’s even a nod to him being the Patriot – a classic comic book character of the same name – but the biggest revelation is that we probably shouldn’t trust him. But do we really trust newcomers to SHIELD? It takes time. This was the most interesting story of the episode. There’s still not a clear-cut bad guy for this season, is it too early for us to put all of our money on Mace?

The ghosts still look shite. Like, drunk-girl-at-halloween-painting-on-her-own-face shite. We don’t know if it’s because the budget is used up on Ghost Rider or plainly the make-up team don’t know the best way to bring the characters to life, but it’s really off putting. One thing we’re happy with though is the increase of chemistry between Coulson and May – they have more time to spend together now Coulson is an Agent and we’re very happy about it. They’re just too lovable together.

Overall, this episode was strong in action and delivered well on characters. The ghosts look ridiculous, still, but the Darkhold storyline is sure to prove fascinating as it progresses.

8.1 Great

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. delivers a strong, action-packed episode with great character moments.

  • Action 9.5
  • Characters 10
  • Ghost effects 4
  • Director Mace 9

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