Season 3, Episode 21.

Absolution is the penultimate episode of Season 3, and it evoked a mixture of emotions from us. Daisy was dealing terribly with the things she had done whilst under Hive’s powers, but she didn’t really do too much to warrant this constant guilty. She needed to have done something traumatic, not just “try to kill her friends” in order for it to feel worth spending so much time on. Her big moment with Mack; their partnership and friendship built up over the show has always been a great watch.

Lincoln decides he doesn’t want to be a part of SHIELD, which was great and satisfying for us a viewer as it meant he was either going to be the character who ends up dead or he’d leave the story another way – and he’s just too plain for us to care about his departure. The show itself actually fell flat this week for a while, but on the humour front. They kept trying to push the humour that we’re pretty much used to, but it just felt out of place when the show is this tense.

Hive struggled to identify who he really was after being shocked by Lincoln, which shows him in conflict with the different people he had absorbed over time. Brett Dalton, the actor behind Ward and most-recently Hive, has done a great job over the Season transforming his usual charming self into a menacing and evil mastermind.

The episode ends on an intruiging note, with Daisy finding Hive and begging for him to welcome her back. The idea that she, and everybody else under his control, are so addicted to the feeling he gives them has been established well and makes for an interesting watch.

Overall, this episode had some struggles and issues, especially with Daisy feeling unnecessarily guilty. At least we know one person will die in the next episode, and we know who we want it to be *cough* Lincoln *cough*. If they kill Daisy or Mack then we’ll be outraged.

7.3 Decent

Daisy struggles to control her guilt but still returns to Hive for a second helping of his control. Bring on the Season 3 finale!

  • Daisy's guilt 5
  • Storyline 8
  • Hive 9

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