X-treme Time Travel.

In the future, the world is dominated by robotic ‘Sentinels’ who have decimated humanity in their hunt to annihilate all Mutants. A rag-tag team of the remaining X-Men uncover a way to send Wolverine’s consciousness back in time to before the Sentinels were created to stop them and save the world. All in all, the X-Men franchise has been pretty solid (apart from Origins:Wolverine… but lets not go there). And when Fox decided that they wanted a new ‘prequel’ series, I was hopeful that they wouldn’t be terrible.The previous film, ‘First Class’, was a fairly good feature, not the best in the series but not bad. DOFP feels like a gimmick when watching it. The main selling point is that it mixes the original cast of actors with the new younger versions. The storyline itself isn’t terrible; Resistance from post-apocalyptic future go back in time to stop said future… except, we’ve already seen that movie, Terminator. Although this time, it’s Mutants rather than robots.

Now, DOFP was taken from a comic run of the same name back in 1981, in which Kitty Pryde is sent back in time, whereas in the film it’s Wolverine…because the world loves Hugh Jackman. He’s a perfect casting as Wolverine, it’s just a shame they didn’t use another character or the Kitty Pryde character to do so. The story stops and starts quite suddenly, with the film cutting between the events in the past and the events in the future. It feels quite choppy, once leaving the future the narrative should have stayed in the past. If this was an episodic TV series it would’ve worked quite well, multiple plot lines and so on.

The film itself is enjoyable to watch, with the cast all giving solid performances. It’s also refreshing to see Peter Dinklage in a role outside of Game Of Thrones, he’s an unknowing villain. This makes for some interesting chemistry when he’s alongside other characters. It was also good to see development for the younger version of Professor X, showing him troubled and borderline alcoholic. But the scene stealer of the film would have to be Evan Peters as Quicksilver, a silver haired speedster. The slowed down scene in which he runs around saving three of the main characters is nothing short of brilliance.

Hopefully, the next film in the series (X-Men: Apocalypse) will be the best of this new series, with new younger versions of Jean Grey, Storm and Cyclops coming into the fold. Days Of Future Past is an enjoyable superhero flick, but not without its’ faults.


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