The first Puerto Rican superhero in Marvel comics, White Tiger, is the focus of this new fan film starring Jon Huertas.

Huertas not only stars in the independent film, but he produced and directed it too. You may recognise the talented fella from ABC’s Castle or NBC’s This Is Us, though it’d be cool if we saw him in an official White Tiger series in the future. This fan film would be the first time it catapulted an actor into headlining an official Marvel series, and we’re definitely behind it!

Here’s what Huertas told TheWrap regarding the short film:

“As a mainstream actor who happens to be Hispanic, I feel it’s time for someone to develop an adult male comic character. It’s time, and in my opinion it’s taken far too long. The White Tiger belongs to Marvel, so I can only take it so far, but I wanted to at least do a fan film or proof of concept based on my favorite Marvel character and the one I’ve always related to the most. In today’s current political and social climate, it’s not only time for Hollywood to do a character or story like the ‘White Tiger,’ it’s a responsibility.”

What do you think of this White Tiger fan film? Let us know.


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