It’s not only Marvel Comics and DC Comics that are getting adapted into big screen projects anymore: Valiant Entertainment has joined the scene. Some of their biggest properties, namely Bloodshot and Harbinger are going to a part of a five film franchise over at Sony.

Eric Heisserer is working on the latest version of the Harbinger screenplay and reports suggest that Sony are aggressively pursuing the movie’s release. The script is set before a Bloodshot movie, and the ridiculously strong character is said to be the villain in the Harbinger movie. They’ll both receive two standalone movies before coming together again for a big-scale movie, Harbinger Wars.

Bloodshot will be directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, and is known for his ability to regenerate and meta-morphing. Harbinger follows the story of a group of super-powered teenagers who are outcasts, much like the Runaways series in development by Marvel.

Here’s what Dinesh Shamdasani, CEO of Valiant Entertainment, had to say about their upcoming Cinematic Universe:

“One of the things that [editor-in-chief] Warren [Simons] and [publisher]Fred [Pierce] and I talk about a lot is the fact that we don’t make superhero comic books. We don’t tell superhero stories. Our stories involve superheroes, but Ninjak is an espionage book. Bloodshot is a sci-fi action adventure. We’re bringing that same point of view to the films.”

You can catch Bloodshot in the upcoming Ninjak web-series that’s due to be announced any day now, the character is said to be portrayed by Jason David Frank.


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