We continue our Throwback Thursday with a viewing of the first X-Men film!

It only seemed appropriate since we saw X-Men: Apocalypse this week, that we take a look back at the film that started it all. X-Men reignited Hollywood’s interest in Superhero properties, and it dawned an entirely new vision which works unbelievably well; re-imagining superheroes in a darker, grittier way. And whilst it does still maintain some of the cheesy, comic book aspects of the genre – it manages to do so with it’s own unique flair. Magneto’s lair is something straight out of the comic series, but his experiments on the U.S Senator borders on being like a body horror film. Especially when his face is pushed between the bars of the caged room.

It was both a critical and financial success, and it’s easy to see why. It starts with a character who has no idea who he really is or where he comes from and follows his evolution as he crosses paths with the X-Men. We are of course talking about Wolverine. The film was the first time of seeing various different live-action versions of fan-favourite characters, and Wolverine became everyone’s favourite new superhero. It was great change of pace from the usual characters like Batman and Superman, to see an animalistic hero who was morally quite dark in comparison to previous superhero films.

In terms of style, the CGI effects genuinely are quite impressive for the time it was made, and the costumes are perfect. Whilst we’re only just starting to see the classic yellow and blue costumes into the franchise, the original film saw black leather suits make an appearance, and again – it fits into that idea of putting superheroes into a realistic(ish) world. It does of course, have it’s cons – with some of the story elements not being played out fully in order to serve a sequel. And plus there’s a couple of stereotypical tropes that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a teenage coming of age type flick. But then considering a lot of the students are teenagers, this does fit in.

It’s responsible for the re-emergence of superhero films, it’s easily one of the better ones out of the many that have been made over the last twenty years.

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9.2 X-Rated

Responsible for the new wave of superhero films, this is the one that really got us into the genre.

  • Wolverine 10
  • Plot 8.5
  • Style 9

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