It’s safe to say that the first Lego Movie was quite a surprise, as it looked to be a harsh injection of consumerism into cinema (á la The Emoji Movie), yet it bent impressions with its absurd humour which appealed to all ages. This shock rippled into the Lego movies becoming a whole series, and the comparative on-par success of The Lego Batman Movie made it no hassle for me, a grown ass man, to be sat in the cinema watching a kids’ film. At the end of the day, The Lego Movie has great humour that can appeal to everyone, as does The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which feels like it could well be on par with its predecessor.


The film picks up mere moments after the first ended, and it wastes no time jumping into the action. Within the first five minutes, the film picks fun at the trend of dark and gritty landscapes in cinema with magnificent effect, and this gives the film an unexpected flair, sprinkling in some well-placed Mad Max jokes and references. The landscapes in this film shift very quickly, and the characters & references shoot past with some pretty slick animation to boot, and there’s something here for everyone in regards to themes and gags.

The film effectively tackles new themes that always feel untouchable in children’s media- feelings of helplessness and bitterness with the world are tackled with a reimagining of the original “everything is awesome” in hilarious fashion (and the credits track is the best thing i’ve heard in a film for a while, big up The Lonely Island). The music throughout is intensely catchy and surprisingly well put together, making this film almost an accidental musical. The lyrics are goofy and the production of the instrumentation is reflective of the film’s budget and it pulls through, detracting nothing from the film including tone, which a lot of musical numbers in films have the potential to do thanks to Wildstyle’s acknowledgment of the absurdity of bursting into song. The plot runs smoothly and Chris Pratt maintains charisma and life as both Emmett and new character Rex as the film pokes fun at Pratt himself for his transformation from Parks & Rec goof to Guardians of the Galaxy goof (but hot this time), as well as the star-studded cast bringing life to the film, including surprise inclusions of Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding.

The Lego Movie 2

The humour bites, the messages are crystal clear and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is a wonderful family film that stands tall with the original film it follows from. A family film that can appeal to all audiences like the Lego Movie series can is very hard to come by, and this is one for the family outing that serves the adults just as much as it does the kids. If you liked The Lego Movie, you’ll probably like this one just as much! And if this review isn’t a testament to the quality of this film, I’ll say this- I haven’t bought a Lego set since I was around 12, but I’m genuinely considering buying the Rex’s Rexplorer set. I am a child again.

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7.8 Brilliant!

Funny, clever and self-aware, the sequel to the consumerist plot that worked wonders has replicated the magic of the original. WATCH IT.

  • Humour 8
  • Music 7.5
  • Animation 8

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