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It’s rumoured that Blade will be returning to the movies, but this time in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Wesley Snipes, the actor behind Eric Brooks/Blade in the original trilogy, has confirmed there have been talks about a return – and we have no reason not to believe him. Another rumour is that the movie(s) will focus on his daughter, Fallon Grey, to coincide with her newly-announced comic series entitled ‘Bleeding Cool’.

Since we’ve already had three full-length movies that shows what Blade can do, it’s only right that he should take a step down and let his daughter slay! We’re already in dire need of a bad-ass female hero, so why not Fallon? It’s the perfect opportunity before Captain Marvel arrives in 2018. We could see him show Fallon the ropes, moulding her into the vampire-killing-machine he once was.

Here’s a tip Marvel, raise the stakes (sorry, again). Blade and Fallon should have their own series on Netflix; branching the Marvel franchise further into the supernatural side, alongside Doctor Strange who is joining us on the big screen in the back-end of 2016. This would allow a further look into the past of the main characters and allow for a better insight into their father/daughter relationship.

Bleeding Cool

We’d love a ‘Midnight Sons’ Netflix series. Even though Blade isn’t a traditional member of the ‘Midnight Sons’ (a team of supernatural superheroes which usually includes Ghost Rider, Morbius and Hellstorm), we could definitely see him, and/or Fallon, fitting in very well. This would of course follow the format of ‘The Defenders’, where the members of the team have their own introductory series before joining forces. Oh, this also means we’d love to see Johnny Blaze and his friends join the ever-growing roster of Marvel television shows.

Overall, we’re more than happy for Blade to return, but it’d make more sense for it to be a series including Fallon so they could have a fresh story and add an extra dimension to the characters.


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