Watch the Rogue One trailer below, and then read on!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tells the story of the spies who steal the plans for the Death Star, and are mentioned in Star Wars: A New Hope. The tone of the movie looks fantastic, it looks dark and gritty whilst still maintaining that beautiful look that all the Star Wars films has. Felicity Jones and Forest Whitaker look like they could be the two main leads judging by the dialogue, both of which are very strong choices. Jones is most well known for The Theory of Everything, rightly winning awards left, right and centre for it. Whilst Forest Whitaker has a list of achievements a mile long.

The one thing missing from this trailer was Darth Vader. He’s rumoured to be in the film, but since this will be closer to the death of Padme, it’s likely we could see an even more evil version of the Sith Lord. We’ll probably get a second trailer coming in a few months so he might be reserved for then.

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