Professor X is back for the third Wolverine outing.

It’s not exactly breaking news, as these rumours have been floating around for several months now, but it’s finally been confirmed by X-Men: Apocalypse producer, Hutch Parker. So we’re not surprised to see that Patrick Stewart will appear in the film, but we’re definitely not complaining. Stewart’s acting prowess is legendary, and could bring the extra character development that will probably be vital to Logan. Hugh Jackman has already discussed the idea that the relationship between Professor X and Wolverine is similar to that of a father and son, so we’ll probably see them analyse that throughout the film.

Whilst it’s unconfirmed as to how big his role will be during the film, it’s likely that he’ll either be a main cast member or a major supporting character – a studio wouldn’t hire Patrick Stewart for one simple scene afterall. We’re interested to see what kind of journey that Logan undertakes, and if Xavier will be along for the ride or simply as a moral compass for the wild mutant. It’s a film that we’re looking forward to, beause if the rumours are true… it’s an adaptation of Old Man Logan.

The film’s released in March 2017, for more information check our Comic Book Movie Schedule here!


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