Oscar Isaac is easily one of the biggest names in Hollywood at the moment, with roles in huge blockbusters and smaller indie flicks alike – there’s an Oscar for everyone. And while his role as Apocalypse in the last ensemble X-Men movie wasn’t well received, we think there’s a villain that he could really sink his teeth into over the water at DC. And with Matt Reeves’ take on the Caped Crusader pulling from The Long Halloween comic storyline, Oscar Isaac’s skills are more than suited in crafting a memorable villain, so let’s talk Two-Face.


We’ve already seen a few different takes on Two-Face, the most recent being Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight. But Oscar Isaac could do a fantastic job of showing the inner turmoil and rage that existed inside Harvey before the accident. Just take a look at Isaac’s role as Nathan in Ex Machina. He goes through the film keeping his cards to his chest, only every so often truly revealing a darkness within him – something that would definitely suit to playing pre-villain Harvey Dent.

But for a different side of Harvey (the kinder, responsible side) just see Oscar Isaac’s role in Drive, alongside Ryan Gosling. Here, he plays Standard Gabriel, an ex-con who is just looking out for his family. But he uses his darker criminal talents to attempt to make a better life for the people around him. Now, we’re not saying that a simple cut and paste of these roles makes Two-Face, there are just elements from them that Oscar Isaac brings flawlessly to life that could really give the villain a brand new face-lift, so to speak.

But what else could Oscar Isaac bring to the table that we haven’t seen previously? We’d love to see him play Two-Face just as a mob boss, not as a supervillain. Sure, he’s got this disfigurement and an axe to grind with Batman – but give him something to really sink his teeth into. Let’s not make this a super-powered beat down. Since Matt Reeves wanted to make a great noir thriller, here’s what we suggest. Take a cue from the All-Star Batman series of comics that came during Rebirth. It saw Batman and Two-Face on a bloody road trip that was brutal, visceral and truly fascinating. It was a psychological thriller that was grounded. It would be incredible to see Two-Face worm his way through the Gotham justice system, corrupting everything he touches. Rather than a literal bloody rampage across the streets taking out rival mob bosses and screaming “RACHEL!” every five minutes. Let him help make this the Batman movie we deserve.

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