The reboot of Fantastic Four was ‘doomed’ from the start.

With the prior three movie adaptions of Marvel’s favourite foursome not going down well, there wasn’t much hope at all for Josh Trank’s version. Alongside the bad taste in the audiences mouth already, the marketing for this movie was atrocious.¬†They worked with Denny’s, a chain of fast food restaurants, to bring some sort of Fantastic Food deal. Why would this ever be a good idea? Is there a rich history of superhero movies and fast food chains working together? I can’t remember buying a Batman burger…

The movie already had some close-minded idiots fretting due to the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/Human Torch. The reason being that in the comic books, Johnny is white, and Michael B. Jordan isn’t (wow, what a big deal… NOT). The casting was actually spot-on for most part, excluding the part where Victor von Doom is an emo… The introduction of the core four seemed to go on forever, stretching out longer than Reed Richards ever could. Though it’s obviously necessary to lay down the foundation of the team, it didn’t leave enough time for any action to take place. This made the last 30 minutes extremely crowded and rushed.

Doom couldn’t have looked any different from his comic book counterpart, in a bad way. He only lasted for a few minutes when fighting the team of four, even though he was randomly making peoples head explode minutes before the “big battle”? So, Victor Von Doom could kill a normal person in the blink of an eye, but suddenly struggled with a stretchy man and a woman who can make herself invisible? Ridiculous.

We don’t want to give the bulk of the film away, even if it is 75% introduction, so we’ll leave you with the overall opinion: the movie is OK. It’s not as bad as 99% people are making out, but it’s not worthy of taking another trip to the cinema to watch it again.


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