We get a look at the Justice League in their full glory.

Since the Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition is available digitally today, we got our first look at concept art that’s included with the film. It allows a better look at The Flash and Cyborg, as we already knew what the others would look like properly beforehand. It’s worth noting that The Flash’s costume certainly aligns with last week’s news of becoming more streamlined and armoured. He certainly looks completely different to the CW version of Barry Allen. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, it’ll be easier to separate the two instead of confusing them. Cyborg looks a little different than we previously, as we can see his full face in this version of the concept art. This might change between now and the film’s release, but he certainly looks more machine than man at this point!


Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all look relatively similar to their appearances in BvS. Although we’ve noticed that Diana is wielding two swords instead of just the one, making her look even more formidable. We also might be seeing a darker version of Superman’s suit, because we can’t seem to spot any yellow in that ‘S’ symbol. We like the overall look of the team though, they definitely have a distinctive style… we can’t wait to see the final product!

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