In a recent interview with the BBC, MCU royalty Kevin Feige has said that following the Captain Marvel movie coming in 2019, an introduction of Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel “is definitely sort of in the works”. This could be MASSIVE.

There is nothing entirely confirmed as of yet in terms of format or directors, but we’ve got the golden words from Feige himself, so we know we’re getting Kamala Khan in some way, shape or form. This means big things for the MCU, as now we’re getting entire Muslim representation in the form of Khan, and if it follows the character’s representation in the comics, it’s going to be even better at displaying the home life of a Muslim teenager. Following the masterful inclusion and representation from the box office smash Black Panther, this is a perfect next step if the MCU masterminds planned on expanding inclusion in their body of work.

In the comics (beginning in 2014) Khan is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey, who possesses shapeshifting abilities. Her name comes from her inspiration of Captain Marvel, as she appears in a frame of her comic watching on as Danvers is rescuing civilians. Khan struggles to balance her life as an Inhuman, shape-shifting superhero with her home life, living with an extremely conservative brother, a mother who is extremely paranoid she will “touch a boy and get pregnant”, and a father who wishes she’d study to become a doctor. Throughout the comic, the story doesn’t preach about her religion too often, yet simply allows it to shape her character as one of her many defining characteristics.


The character, if issued to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a lot to play with in terms of plot. She even had a brief stint alongside the spider himself, in The Amazing Spider-Man #7 during the Spider-Verse storyline, so there’s nothing to say she can’t collaborate with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Of course, if Ms. Marvel is to play into the MCU, it’s quite likely we’ll see Kamala appear briefly in Captain Marvel, or at least have her plot tie into Danvers’ escapades. However, with everything being so up in the air as of right now, it would be no surprise if Khan were to have her own television series, possibly to coincide with the successes that the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones have achieved on Netflix. It’s quite possible she could crop up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D following the success of inhuman characters on the show, since the standalone Inhumans series recently got canned. Ms. Marvel has even had a stint as a part of the misfit band of mutants, the Champions.

Whatever form that Ms. Marvel’s inclusion to Marvel’s ever-growing roster of live-action work takes, we know for sure it’s going to be good. Setting aside the representation that women and the Muslim community will receive through Kamala’s Hollywood treatment, there are some great character traits and storylines set to this character that would translate wonderfully to the screen. Whether we get another classic superhero story or a more teenage-centric plot akin to Spiderman: Homecoming, it’s safe to assume that Ms. Marvel’s arrival to the mainstream will be an explosive one.

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