Word of a final Logan trailer caught wind earlier this month when it was officially classified, and it’s finally on the way… frame by frame. That’s right, an official website for Logan1974 Frames of Logan – is providing the trailer in singular frames.

The clever marketing scheme is banking on fans signing up in hopes of receiving a limited edition postcard, made from one of the aforementioned frames. When the postcard arrives, fans are welcomed to share them online with the #OneLastTime hashtag, a reference to Hugh Jackman’s last run as Wolverine.

In case you’re wondering why 1974 is the particular number chosen, then you’d possibly be satisfied to know that this is the year Wolverine first appeared in a Marvel Comic.

Hugh Jackman will play Logan one last time in the movie, it’s directed by James Mangold and is set years after X-Men: Days of Future Past. Logan’s healing factor is faultering, and Professor X is suffering from memory loss. The duo need to protect Laura, known as X-23 in comics, from the bad guys.

Logan will claw his way into cinemas on March 2, 2017.


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