Kingsman adds another notch to it’s utility belt.

With the first film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, being a huge success both with the critics and in terms of profit, a sequel was never going to be too far away. The new sequel already boasts Taron Edgerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry AND Julianne Moore. Pedro Pascal, Oberyn from Game of Thrones, has joined the cast as a character called ‘Jack Daniels’. Which seems intentionally perfect given the first film states that a gentleman should enjoy whiskey. Although wouldn’t it be brilliant if the character hated the drink itself?

We don’t know officially as of yet whether Pascal’s character will be part of the Kingsman or the Statesmen, the american equivalent of the group. But with a name like Jack Daniels, it’s easy to assume that he’ll be on the stateside agency.

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