You read that right, no more Justice League Part II.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a second Justice League movie, afterall – Steppenwolf is only the Lieutenant of the Darkseid’s forces, not it’s leader. So it’s quite possible that the second film will follow up with the big bad himself raining his Apokolips (yes, that’s spelt correctly) down on the Justice League. Zack Snyder followed the announcement up by saying:

“The movie doesn’t end and you’re like, ‘Okay, well that’s the DC Universe’ – I think we still have a release date.”

So it’s likely that the second date that was scheduled for Part II may still go for a second film. However, this does mean that the filming schedule could become a little tight. This second film will be hitting cinemas in 2018. Whilst there have clearly been some shakeups at Warner Bros. after the recent critical failure of Batman V Superman, Justice League looks to be reviving the faith. The tone and style of the movie sound promising, and we’re a little more excited than we previously were after the recent news. Hopefully this would carry through to any sequels they throw at us.

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