The DC Universe is a lot larger than you might expect. And Justice League Dark introduces the audience to some of it’s weirder and wilder elements that inhabit the world. It’s certainly a lot more ballsy and brave in it’s treatment of the world. It starts with mass murders and serial killers being defeated by the Justice League, but these seemingly normal human beings motives are mysterious. Thus, Batman becomes drawn into the world of magic, for reasons (still) unbeknownst to us.

There are moments across Justice League Dark that feel completely unnecessary. It’s as if the producers and writers just wanted to cram in as many oddball characters from the comics into the film as possible. And whilst it’s genuinely intriguing to see legendary characters like Swamp-Thing and Constantine interact with each other and the rest of the anti-heroes, it felt very rushed. The film jumps across various cities and locations as the group search for answers – but this is merely the excuse used by the script to include the supporting characters. For such an iconic character like Swamp-Thing, his inclusion was near-pointless. He had nearly no effect on the plot, and was only used as shock value and intrigue.

Don’t get us wrong, as an animated film – it gets away with a lot more than if this were a live-action film. And it is definitely a wild ride. Justice League Dark isn’t afraid to push the boundaries a little further than other titles from DC. And that’s definitely clear in the opening few minutes. As the movie progresses, it does fully delve into magic, the occult and demons – so it gets a little weird. And whilst a lot of the advertising used Batman as the focus of the story – it’s actually more about Constantine. He’s a wonderfully cynical character, and with Matt Ryan returning to the role, there’s definitely a rugged charm that he drags alongside him.

Overall, Justice League Dark isn’t a terrible film, and it does have it’s moments. But it does prove to be a little messy on more than one occasion. But seeing some of these characters jump off the page and onto the screen is genuinely entertaining. Don’t go in expecting a five star movie though.

7.7 Average

It has plenty of problems, but look past those and it's an entertaining film.

  • Swamp-thing 8
  • Plot 6
  • Constantine 9

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