Jake Gyllenhaal is set to portray Mysterio in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming according to a report by The Sun. We’re going to assume he’ll be taking the role of the original Mysterio, Quentin Beck, alongside Tom Holland’s web-slinger in the unnamed follow-up. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be VERY excited about this news, as not only is Gyllenhaal an actor who can bring a lot to the role, but this is the first real information we’ve had into the next Spider-Man movie. It is said that Ryan Gosling was close to taking the role, but had to drop out for sake of scheduling conflict, this is the second time Gosling has missed out on an MCU role in recent years. He was originally up for Doctor Strange at one point. This information aside, though, we’re in for a treat with this casting.

Mysterio as a character could be interpreted in many ways – Quentin Beck is equal parts a frustrated failed actor & special effects man, as well as a campy, theatrical supervillain. In his first appearance in the comic books (specifically The Amazing Spider-Man #13) he uses his special effects talents to obstruct Parker’s spider-sense and frames him for a museum robbery, but when he’s outsmarted by the spider, Beck blames him for his ruined career. There are plenty of Mysterio plots could be brought to the screen, but the real question here is how Gyllenhaal will play the character. He has played a great deal of serious roles in recent memory, his role in Stronger an especially poignant one. There’s a lot of pressure on Jake to make his performance a good one, as Mysterio stands as one of Spider-Man’s most iconic adversaries.

It’s more reasonable to presume that Gyllenhaal will try to keep Beck to be the down-on-his-luck actor and special effects man, rather that allow the character to be large and campy in the way the comics paint him, unless it’s written to insinuate that Quentin is trying to prove to himself he can act. It’s definitely worth looking at Gyllenhaal’s role of Louis Bloom in the critically acclaimed Nightcrawler to imagine what his Quentin Beck could be like; A manipulative figure in the entertainment industry who will do whatever it takes to come out on top. It will certainly be interesting to see how the MCU addresses the costume of the iconic character. Here’s hoping they manage to make it a little more modern and feasible, in the same way that Homecoming took on the Vulture’s look. Somehow, the huge purple cape and fishbowl helmet might not translate well to the big screen.

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