Yeah, you read that right. Hellboy is coming back, but Ron Perlman isn’t.

And to add to that, neither is original helmer of the series, Guillermo Del Toro. So it looks like Hellboy 3 is officially dead. Especially since David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things) has actually been cast as Big Red for the latest movie adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics. The good news is that original writer of the series, Mike Mignola, is onboard with the project. This is likely because it’s going to be an R-rated version, which is great news considering they can really dive into the horror aspect of the comics and make it as violent + scary as they like. Helming the new project is Game of Thrones alumni, Neil Marshall, who’s directed some of the best episodes in the series (Blackwater + The Watchers on the Wall). So what do you think about the new project, excited? Disappointed? Confused? Let us know on Twitter @HeroesDirect.


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