The reboot of the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as this new team against the supernatural.

Lets just set the record straight right now. It’s no way near as bad as you’ve probably been led to believe. In fact, it’s genuinely very funny. The female leads are all very entertaining, and you definitely should not be put off by this fact. They work well together onscreen. They have a different dynamic than the original film, but then this isn’t a complete remake – but a new story. The director, Paul Feig, has shown audiences before that he’s talented when it comes to comedy. Ghostbusters is no different. The first half of the film is actually quite strong in terms of it’s plot and it’s use of comedy. We’re not saying that it’ll split your sides with laughter, but it will make you chuckle at the very least.

We have to talk about Kate McKinnon’s character, Holtzman. She’s the standout star of the film – and quite easily the funniest alongside Chris Hemsworth. She manages to steal every scene that she’s involved with. Whether it’s her quirky mannerisms, or the constant craziness that she embodies – she’s honestly hilarious. Chris Hemsworth was also surprising at how brilliant his timing and humour was throughout the film. Some of his dialogue was nothing short of fantastic.


The premise itself works fine, ghosts start to become more present in New York. Okay, we can deal with that. But once the villain is introduced, the film goes rapidly downhill. In fact it starts to become a plot-hole filled mess. The villain, Rowan, doesn’t particularly have a compelling reason as to wanting to bring about a ghostly apocalypse. The only glimpse we get, is when he states at one point that he “doesn’t like people”. There’s also the fact that he builds devices that open portals for ghosts to come through. But the film never cares enough to explain to the audience why he knows how to do this.

He’s hardly a captivating villain for the team whatsoever. The original film had a demon who wanted to take over the planet. Okay, that works quite simplistically and takes the plot forward. Rowan is a normal man who somehow turns into a near invincible ghost-god for no apparent reason. It seems completely unfounded and as if the script was written at the last minute. Do we even need to mention the stereotypical ‘team of heroes v giant army they can’t hope to defeat one by one’ trope? It felt so wooden and obvious,  we’ve seen that finale time and again. (We’re looking at you Star Wars and Avengers) Guess what? It doesn’t get any more entertaining each time.

Do we even need to mention the CGI smorgasbord that is the finale fight? It was quite obviously the team stood in front of a giant green screen. There was no point throughout where we thought there was a genuine threat. It was quite clear and predictable how it was going to end. It was nice to see cameos from the original cast. But at the same time, they felt a little insulting. Bill Murray’s cameo for example, was a ghost-debunking expert, compared to his original Ghostbusters role – it felt out of place.


With a strong start and then a complete mess of an ending, this new Ghostbusters reboot isn’t up to the original. But that’s not to say it ruins the classic film – that’s still there for everyone to enjoy, this is just a different story. Luckily, the new film is quite self aware. It makes statements like “Don’t listen to angry commenters on the internet”. This is obviously in response to the huge backlash the film received online. Don’t listen the general negativity from fans of the original who will oppose the reboot without seeing it.

It’s not exactly the greatest film of all time, but make your own mind up about it. It is still enjoyable in places, but don’t go in expecting an Oscar-winner.

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5.8 Disappointing

With a very strong and funny start, but a messily directed ending - Ghostbusters is a little disappointing.

  • Kate McKinnon 10
  • Humour 9
  • Plot 6
  • Rowan as a villain 1
  • Messy ending 3

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