It’s not only America that are producing big budget superhero flicks now, Russia has entered the market with Guardians. This movie is perhaps best known, so far, for featuring a gun-wielding man-bear. Check out the final trailer below!

This movie is a big risk in reality. The characters include a man-bear, a guy with battering-ram-arms, an invisible woman, and a chap who runs pretty bloody quick. Not only that, but the Soviet Union is a big plot point. You see where this is going. Nonetheless, this movie actually looks pretty good and we hope it welcomes other countries to enter the superhero movie market!

This group were enlisted to protect Russia a long, long time ago and learnt to remain unknown for many years. This is until they’re called upon again to take down great evil as their country’s past resurfaces. It genuinely looks like an epic, slightly eccentric flick that’ll prove Russia can hang with the Americans when it comes to superhero movies.

Guardians is enlisted for duty in Russian cinemas on February 23rd, 2017.


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