Doctor Strange blows your mind to smithereens.

If you thought that 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy was a wild entry into the Marvel Universe, you haven’t seen anything yet. This is quite possibly one of the strangest films to be released in a long time, let alone an MCU film. It feels like a crazy LSD trip mixed with some of the craziest works of fiction to come from comic books. The visuals are beautifully kaleidoscopic that blend seamlessly with the action sequences. And whilst this could easily be the main selling point of the film, it’s heart and soul completely lies with the performance of Benedict Cumberbatch.

He plays the arrogant and borderline unlikeable neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange. As the film goes on and we follow his path of finding a cure for his crippled hands, we warm to his colder exterior. Part of that comes from the sarcastic humour scattered throughout the near two hours runtime. For a film as weird and crazy like Doctor Strange, it’s surprisingly funny. With quirky dialogue and genuinely funny scenes padding out some of the action scenes – enjoying Marvel’s latest instalment isn’t difficult whatsoever. Although the film does require the audience to take a leap of faith with it’s heavy use of magic, alternate dimensions and omnipotent villains.

Doctor Strange

With a star-studded cast, Doctor Strange makes full use of their highly praised acting abilities. Whilst roles like Kaecilius, The Ancient One and Mordo could’ve easily been throwaway parts in the film in servitude of Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme, they’re fully thought out and three dimensional. To the point where Strange himself even questions why the heroes aren’t helping Kaecilius if his plan would supposedly better the entire world. It’s that level of relativity that shows the intelligence behind the writing of the film. Why wouldn’t a highly intelligent neurosurgeon question a choice like that?

Overall, the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is entertaining, mind boggling and a surprising amount of fun. Whilst it feels more like a martial arts/fantasy styled film instead of a superhero flick, it finds it’s own comfortable place amongst the rest of the sprawling universe… Or is that Multiverse? Marvel are clearly trying to widen audiences perceptions when it comes to storytelling, utilising things like time-travel, multiple versions of existence and magic to prepare them for things later down the road.

Doctor Strange is a wild magical fantasy that enthrals the audience from start to finish. Don’t miss out.

8.8 Strange.

Magical, weird and genuinely funny. Don't miss Doctor Strange.

  • Plot 8
  • Visuals 9.5
  • Humour 8.5
  • Cast + Characters 9

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