According to new reports from The Wrap, not long after Ben Affleck teased Deathstroke’s appearance in the DCEU, Slade Wilson will be the big bad that Bruce Wayne will take on in the solo Batman movie.

The reports are based upon conversations The Wrap have had with an individual that has inside knowledge of the whole situation. We tend to believe this news as it’d make sense for Warner Bros. to keep treading new water with the latest version of Batman, though nothing has been confirmed by them as of yet.

Ben Affleck releasing the video would make more sense in the context of Deathstroke being the main villain in the movie, though. Especially since he’s massively involved in directing, writing, and producing the solo flick. Unfortunately there’s no reports in regards to who’ll play the villain, but you be assured we’ll write about it as soon as we know.

Deathstroke, for those unfamiliar, first came onto the comic scene in 1980 when he appeared in The New Teen Titans #2. He’s said to be the greatest assassin in the entire DC Comics universe and has encountered the Dark Knight on several occasions.

This news makes even more sense regarding Marc Guggenheim and his answer to the question “Any possible chance of either Slade or Walter returning throughout the rest of Season 4?”, in which he replied “The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC Project.” Seems like we know which project Guggenheim was referencing!

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