Yes you read the title correctly, Warner Bros. are working on another Suicide Squad spin-off – but this time it’s for Deadshot. In the same exclusive report that revealed Suicide Squad director David Ayer will helm the Gotham City Sirens movie, THR revealed that Will Smith will reprise his role in a new spin-off.

There’s no news on the story, director, or supporting cast of yet – it’s more-so that the studio is developing a movie for this character next. Not only that, but there’s a good chance he’ll return for the Suicide Squad sequel that they’re planning.

We’re not too surprised by this news, Deadshot was surprisingly one of the highlights of the movie. There was a lot of apprehension towards Smith’s casting, but the character was balanced well and is interesting enough to watch in a full-length project. Smith’s obviously a ridiculously popular actor, so his involvement in a movie alone is enough to bring fans to the cinema.

Stay tuned for more news on the DC Extended Universe!


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