Deadpool breaks all of the boundaries, including the fourth wall… over and over and over again.

We’ve been waiting to see the Merc with a Mouth onscreen for literally years, and it’s finally here. It’s Deadpool at his finest; crude, violent, hilarious and unbelievably fun. With the character being larger than life, it’s only right that he gets to be as eccentric and extravagant as he likes. Cracking dick jokes and busting heads is what Deadpool does best, and oh, boy. He does it brilliantly.

Unfortunately, the main plot itself is a little two-dimensional and relies heavily on the wisecracking insults of the Wade and the rest of the characters. But it can be forgiven because of the character’s nature, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. The film is constantly ripping into other franchises, other superheroes, actors and of course the film itself. A prime example of this? During the origin story, Wade Wilson fights the villain completely naked, and whilst it’s not explicitly mentioned – the film is clearly taking the piss.

Testicle with Teeth

A testicle with teeth

The Merc with a mouth takes advantage of the stereotypical superhero movie and flips it on it’s head, we don’t have to wait forty minutes to see him in all of his red-suited glory – it’s all systems go from the moment the film starts. And with the inclusion of X-Men characters, it fully cements it in the Fox/X-Universe. Our favourite moment? When Colossus steps in to intervene and Deadpool calls him a giant metal cockgoblin… We did say it was crude.

The way this movie reinvents Colossus was a monumental success – they’ve given him a look that’s true to the comics and he finally has a Russian accent! Not only is the character more accurate to the source material, he actually has some substance for once. He’s a wise metal motherfucker who’s hellbent on getting Deadpool to join the ranks of the X-Men. It’d be nice to see Negasonic Teenage Warhead to pop up in other X-Men movies, Brianna Hildebrand played the moody-teen-come-badass perfectly.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and a random guy wearing red

Whilst the villain isn’t particularly menacing, and looks like Nicholas Hoult on steroids, we’re not really watching the film for him. With a fantastic script, and spot on casting in the form of Ryan Reynolds (this movie makes up for Green Lantern); Deadpool is quite easily one of the funniest superhero movies ever made.

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8.0 Bloody Awesome

Deadpool isn't redefining the genre, it's improving it - a lot.

  • Humor 8
  • Plot 5
  • Violence 8
  • Performance 9
  • Sex Montage 10

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