We all know what the DCEU have done in their short existence- they’ve taken characters we adore and either shot them into the chasm of “brooding & dark” or tried to force them down the throats of the Hot Topic masses (don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean, we’re looking at you Suicide Squad). While there are a few out there that are backing these films, a great deal of DC Comics fans have been hugely disappointed by the attitudes of directors and the creative avenues they’ve led our favorite heroes down, to the point where the DCEU may well be in a life-threatening position. While we have Wonder Woman ’84 on the horizon, I feel the fate of DC’s extended universe falls on the shoulders of Shazam.

This sounds daft, I know- Shazam is a throwaway character, with a convoluted backstory and enough obscurity to not even warrant the film in the first place. But there is huge potential to utilize this character in a way that we haven’t seen enough in modern superhero cinema. Think back to the early days of superheroes on screens: the original Adam West Batman portrayal, the first Superman films, the 70’s Wonder Woman series- all of these things have one thing in common, and that’s their tongue-in-cheek, campy, goofy nature. This is exactly what the DCEU is lacking- all of the films so far have the same brooding vibe, and it’s been making heroes like Superman stray much too far from their distinct personalities that were established in their respective comics.

Shazam in himself represents courage, strength, and wisdom as derived from characters from Greek mythology. This could well give him an old-timey mindset to clash with his miserable surroundings, perhaps the spitting image of a 60’s cinema vision of a superhero. This subversion of character from the DCEU would be wonderfully refreshing in a world of dark and gritty heroes, and the campy nature of the character would compliment his surroundings wonderfully. There are a lot of things the DCEU needs to be “fixed” per se, but a change of pace and a comedic twist is exactly what it needs to survive.

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