So we take it you’ve heard the news- it seems like Henry Cavill will no longer be portraying the man in tights any longer. He’s done this to free up his schedule to prepare to take on the lead role of Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher series, and of course, he wasn’t expected to play Superman forever. We are still pretty surprised by this news, though. We’re slightly fearful for the DCEU (officially dubbed the “Worlds of DC”)’s further plans, and since Ben Affleck has been wobbly on his stance with portraying Batman, now seems like the viable time for him to jump ship too. Henry Cavill’s departure has also left a hole in Shazam‘s cinematic debut, as Superman was set to make a cameo in the movie before stepping away from the character entirely. So basically, the Worlds of DC’s future is looking a little bit hazy. But we’re here to put your mind at ease (assuming you’re invested in this extended universe which, let’s be honest, is a little difficult given the general quality of its exports) and dive into what DC can do to keep that cinematic universe money train chugging away.

Most of the Worlds of DC’s focus (doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?) lies on the characters of the Justice League, especially with Aquaman on the way and Wonder Woman ’84 teasing its existence. This means if Superman were ever to coincide with these characters again, they’re going to need to recast. Thankfully we’ve been told that the Worlds of DC will explore different stories regardless of relevance to previous movies, meaning that this can easily be done, with the potential of alternate universes being implemented. Recasting in this scenario would be simple, and with rumours circulating that Michael B. Jordan could replace Cavill as cinema’s first ever black Superman, DC could be onto a stonking plan here involving alternate Earths (even if it means our hopes for the ‘Waters of Wakanda’ storyline to grace our screens in Black Panther 2 are squashed).

For the Worlds of DC to continue to succeed in the way that the MCU has, it’s very important that while big characters like Superman are represented, it’s worth looking a little deeper into DC’s roster of heroes and pulling them out onto our screens. After all, Iron Man was something of a B-list hero around the time Robert Downey Jr made him a household name. Justice League International and Birds of Prey would be fantastic super-team flicks, and if you ask us, would make us forget Superman on the big screen entirely if done well enough. We need a few years away from Superman for sake of him not becoming oversaturated, and the spotlight on some B-list heroes would service marvellously. After all, weren’t there plans for a Blue Beetle + Booster Gold movie shelved somewhere? Bring characters like those right to the forefront to fill the void and maybe even steer the Worlds of DC in a new direction.

If you’ll allow us to speak broadly, the Worlds of DC could well stumble into its own demise in the next couple of years, with Henry Cavill stepping away potentially being another pitfall in its plans. However, if they play their cards right with a recast and potential break from Supes, the cinematic universe could carry itself a little further.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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