Upon its first announcement, DC Universe seemed like nothing more than a streaming service that would put up a futile fight against the streaming giants of the age. However, recently we’ve been treated to some more information related to the brand new nerdy service, and while once upon a time the idea of such a venture seemed weak and unexciting, it’s shaping up to be something incredibly special. Because we’re so excited about this, we’ve compiled a list of all the things that you’re going to need to know by the time this service is launched.

We’re getting a nice amount of TV series’

For a brand new start-up, the DC Universe service was once presumed to be very limited in what it could offer, however, we’ve since been proven wrong. We’ll be getting the live-action Titans, featuring Brenton Thwaites as Robin, alongside its spinoff Doom Patrol, season 3 of Young Justice: Outsiders, Swamp Thing (based on the comics “The Anatomy Lesson”), Stargirl, and an adult-oriented Harley Quinn animated series. Phew.

DC Universe

We were very recently treated to some new images regarding Titans featuring the main cast. You can see them here-

Titans will make its debut at New York Comic Con on October 3rd, and then on DC Universe on October 12th.

And not only this, we’ve been shown a brand new clip of Young Justice: Outsiders- you can see that clip by clicking here.

The return of the classics

DC Universe is set to give us back some of their old school series’ and movies, including (get this) the first two series’ of Batman: The Animated Series, the four Christopher Reeve Superman movies, Batman, Batman Begins, Batman Returns, The Dark Knight, Static Shock, Young Justice, Teen Titans, the live-action TV series’ Lois & Clark and Wonder Woman (with Wonder Woman being remastered in HD), and animated films like Green Lantern: First Flight, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Wonder Woman. This monstrous list is as riddled with hype as it is exhausting to read aloud, and this is proving DC Universe’s worth even before we know when it will be released.

Comic books galore

This service is not merely designed for those who want to binge their favorite old-school campy Superman flicks- every single month, the service will roll out a whole new catalog of classic and fan-favorite comic books that can be read right from the app on your phone. This will span right from the modern issues all the way back to Action Comics #1, so this is absolutely one for the die-hard fans who need to either catch up on newer characters or harken back to the good old days of the birth of their favorite heroes.

The DC Encyclopedia

Oh yes, you heard that right. The service will house a huge library of facts and information regarding the DC comic and movie universes, and it will be contributable from the fans. So essentially, DC has given us an elite version of Wikipedia for the biggest nerds in the world to create and build upon, giving you the absolute biggest, geekiest, most exclusive resource to blast your mates with DC facts. Nice.

Keeping Up to Date

As if all of this wasn’t enough, DC will debut a show they’re calling DC Daily, a show which is designed to keep you updated on everything and everything happening in the worlds of DC across comics, movies and TV every single day. But that’s not even the best part- they’ve brought in John bloody Barrowman to give you all of the news. If you ask us, that’s worth the entry fee alone.

We know what you’re thinking- “But HD, how much will this cost? when are we gonna get our hands on this top tier content”? Don’t worry, we’ve got the info- it will be $7.99 a month or $74.99 for a whole year (BUT you get a whole three months on top of that for completely free), and the service opens up on September 15th.

We do however have some bad news, though- there’s no word right now to say that when the service is unveiled it will be accessible in the UK. So for now, crack those VPN’s on, and we’ll see you there on release day!

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