Justice League‘s cast, for the most part, has been known for quite some time. We all know who the core six members of the team will be played by, but we wasn’t so sure on the villain. Sure, we know it’d be Steppenwolf, but who would fill the monstrous shoes of the creature?

Now we know! Ciaran Hinds, an Irish actor, will take on the role of Steppenwolf. The Game of Thrones actor will use motion capture to bring the character to life in what’s bound to be a captivating performance. Hinds is said to have already finished his part in the movie, which sounds about right as it’s due for a 2017 release.

We saw Steppenwolf in a deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but for a long while fans were unsure as to who he was since he looked completely different to the comic book counterpart. In the comics, he looks like an actual person. In the deleted scene? Not so much. See for yourself below.


Justice League will unite in cinemas on November 17, 2017.

h/t The Wrap


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