Bruce Wayne, Justice League’s version of Q.

Bruce will be key in helping the team get about in new vehicles, with details of something called the ‘Flying Fox’ which will help transport the group, whilst also having room for a smaller vehicle inside it… like the Batmobile. There’s also a few details for the ‘Crawler’. This vehicle can help navigate smaller spaces like the ruins of Metropolis or the ‘Gotham Tunnel’. We’re still hoping for an invisible Jet for Wonder Woman… Or maybe not.

BUt then there’s the fact that Bruce will be developing tech for members of the team. The Flash seems to be a huge part of this, as his costume will be comprised of 148 parts. If he’s wearing an armoured suit this might weigh him down a little, so all of these pieces will obviously have to help enhance his speed somehow. Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer for Justice League went into great detail for the speedster’s look – read his full statement below:

“When Zack and I started talking about Flash, he loved the idea that because this is the first time we’re establishing this character in our cinematic universe, that’s it’s kind of like a prototype suit. He’s discovering his powers, he’s working out what his thing is, and he is testing things. Some things work, some things don’t work. Some things are in development. And so this suit is incredibly beaten up. This is a suit that’s being assembled. It’s a prototype suit.

It’s something that is designed to protect him when he moves incredibly fast through space. And so we studied aerodynamics and vehicle design. What moves through space the fastest? We have this sense of rigid pieces at the front that deflect towards the back….There’s a sense of a blade like in a plane wing here, and then venting back here. So it all feels very aerodynamic. He’s testing different materials. You can see smooth materials like tech materials. We figured he’s an incredibly smart, resourceful young man. He moves very fast, so perhaps he’s stolen 3D printers. I’m not saying anything. Maybe he’s nipped into NASA and stolen some of the materials that they’re developing there.”

So the general gist of that is that it’s a suit that will constantly be upgraded, but according to some who were present on the set visit, there was a costume for The Flash that sported the WayneTech logo on it. So it’s obvious that Bruce will be helping Barry in this way. We wouldn’t be surprised if he helps Cyborg on some of his upgrades either. We also know that he’ll have multiple suits throughout the film, upgrading and building more to suit their exploits across the story.

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