It’s Batman Day! To celebrate, we thought it’d be a great idea to look through the plethora of Batsuits that actors have donned over the years and then share our highlights. What came from this was Batnipples and what’s pretty much a walking tank. Let’s get into it.

Hot: Batfleck’s Mech Suit
Mech Suit

We doubt it’s easy to function in, but Ben Affleck’s mechanical suit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is undeniably badass. Made to keep Batman alive longer when facing off against the Man of Steel, the suit gives Bruce Wayne an intimidating stature.

Not: Adam West’s Onesie
Adam West

Say what you like about West’s performance as the Caped Crusader, it’s undeniable that his suit is ridiculous. Whether it’s the painted-on eyebrows or grandad pants in plan sight, this isn’t a great look.

Hot: Christian Bale’s Body Armour
Christian Bale

Opting for a more practical (and tactical) suit, Christopher Nolan delivered a tech-inspired suit for Bale’s stint as the Dark Knight. It’s based on a Wayne Enterprises design for an armoured military suit which Bruce decides to paint back and add a big Batsymbol on the chest. The suit was modified to the cowl for Bale’s comfort, allowing him to move his head properly.

Not: Batnipples
George Clooney

The stand-out feature of George Clooney’s run as Batman? Batnipples. This is definitely the worst Batman suit of all time, there’s literally no arguement that can justify otherwise. George Clooney didn’t have much look with his suits: a silver and blue costume with pronounced nipples is bad enough, but the inclusion of a huge, silver Batpackage between his legs is just the icing on the cake.

Honourable Mention: Tactical Batsuit
Tactical Batsuit

Zack Snyder recently revealed the first look at Batman’s tactical suit from the upcoming Justice League flick, and we’re undecided on whether it’s hot or not. It definitely takes inspiration Watchmen‘s Nite Owl, but it manages to keep a similar feel to the standard Batsuit.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed anything out? Do you think we’re wrong about one of our choices? Let us know!


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