The Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition has been released, and we get you caught up to speed on whether it’s worth buying or not…

So we already reviewed Batman v Superman back in March when the film was originally released, but since the new ‘Ultimate Edition’ comes with an added half an hour’s worth of footage, we dove right in. Right from the beginning of the movie, it’s very clear that this is the version that Zack Snyder had a bigger part in. That’s not to say he lost creative control when it came to the final theatrical version, but we’ve no doubt that Warner Bros. and DC had a say in which parts of the film were cut out.

The Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition feels much more fluid, as certain scenes and missing characters throughout create a much larger picture rather than the disconnected feature we were left with. We get a deeper look into that confrontation at the start, as Lex has used a Terrorist Cell to lure Lois into investigating it, thus bringing Superman into a conflict. We initially thought that the film’s opening with the Man of Steel was rushed, messy and almost un-needed. But after the inclusion of a couple of short scenes it feels more fleshed out and with purpose.


There’s also the corporate espionage/Jason Bourne feel to the film as a witness hides from Lex’s henchmen. It’s a whole chunk of the storyline that was cut out originally that the Ultimate edition has left in. And whilst she was originally in the film for all of two minutes, she’s now part of a sub-plot that works well in service of the main story. Whilst we won’t ruin the ending to her story, lets just say that it’s an extremely tense scene – one that really shows that Lex and his company will do anything to stay one step ahead of the game. It’s things like this that might’ve made Jesse Eisenberg’s performance a little more likeable, if we knew how wide his plan really reached.

Unfortunately, we don’t get too much more of Eisenberg in the film. Given that his role did have the potential to be truly great, this is disappointing. The Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition still gives us the same crazed performance from Eisenberg, and it’s one of the roles that we feel is completely squandered. Moving onto Superman/Clark Kent, the character was originally bland, boring and at times, completely pointless. However, when Clark Kent begins investigating the Batman, and how he deals with criminals – he really comes into his own.


In fact, it makes the audience care about his character more since he isn’t just two dimensional – meaning that the film’s finale has a little more weight to it. It’s in these investigative scenes that the brewing conflict isn’t just for gratuitous violence, but actually Superman’s reasoning for wanting Batman to hang up the cowl is founded on logic. This is something that didn’t sit right at all in the first version, and genuinely helps make the story more rounded and understandable. Whilst we unfortunately only get one extended scene with Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, it’s comforting to know that we still have her solo film to come before the Justice League come together. She’s still a delight to watch the second time around, and we can’t wait to see her in action again.

So to summarise, if you’re going to watch these two comic book titans, it’s definitely worth spending the extra time and money on the Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition. It’s more expansive, interesting and downright entertaining. If you love the characters but really didn’t like the movie, we highly recommend watching this new version. It still has it’s problems in places, but it won’t be the massive disappointment that it originally was.

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8.0 Expansive and entertaining

Whilst the film does still have it's problems in places, the Ultimate Edition helps make sense of certain lines, scenes and even missing actors. If you didn't like the original version, be prepared to be surprised at how expansive and well rounded this Ultimate Edition is.

  • Extended desert opening 7.5
  • Extended Clark Kent journalist scenes 8.8
  • Jesse Eisenberg 6
  • Corporate Espionage/Witness scenes 8.6
  • Gal Gadot 9

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