The caped crusader takes a new project under his wing in Batman: Rebirth #1.

The first issue starts with Batman taking on a new take on an old villain, Calendar Man. And whilst that’s quite possibly one of the lamest supervillain names ever invented, he has an interesting twist this time around. He ages alongside the seasons of the year, ageing until Winter until he’s reborn as a young man to start the cycle again. But Batman easily dispatches him and foils his plan, with the unrelenting self-sacrifice that only Batman has… he electrocutes himself. But, throughout the issue, it’s clear to see that this is the version of Bruce Wayne/Batman that we’ve all been waiting for. Both playing up to his extravagant billionaire persona, whilst being the best iteration of Bats that we’ve seen in a while.

Batman: Rebirth reintroduces us to a character from the critically acclaimed ‘We Are Robin’ series, Duke Thomas. But Bruce doesn’t belittle him to relegating him to side-kick status, rather a partner in training. Including brand new costume. He accompanies him on missions, and there’s a clear mutual respect between the two. Hopefully we see this dynamic twist and change throughout the series.

Although, we will say that his new costume does look very similar to the Power Rangers, maybe it’s just the helmet and it’s visor but we can’t unsee it. Bat-Ranger anyone? Hopefully he gets a few upgrades as the series progresses. But it’s great to see that the character is at least conflicted on join Batman on his crusade, as he wants to be his own person rather under the caped crusader’s shadow. The writers are taking the time to flesh out characters other than Bruce Wayne.


Whilst other issues, like Green Arrow and The Flash, Batman: Rebirth #1 doesn’t end on some kind of cliffhanger, but then at least the story is relatively self-contained and is easy for new readers to jump into. And that seems to be a common theme across the Rebirth titles, that new readers don’t have to deal with the complexities of previous titles.

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9.0 A great start.

With a new partner and a spin on an old villain, Batman: Rebirth #1 brings us the Bruce Wayne that we know and love, extravagant billionaire with his head on straight rather than filled with rage.

  • Bat-Ranger costume 7
  • Bruce Wayne sky-scraper pull up 10
  • New twist on the Calendar Man 10
  • Character development 9

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