If you’re expecting rich dialogue and an engaging storyline, this video game adaptation isn’t for you. Then again, nobody goes to watch Assassin’s Creed for dialogue. There’s good news though, the action in this movie is impeccable; when it gets going, you feel like you’re playing one of the games – and that’s a great thing.

Coming off of Macbeth, director Justin Kurzel reunites with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. The big names don’t stop there though, Jeremy Irons and Michael K. Williams show their faces too (albeit briefly). This movie aims to delve into the game franchise’s story regarding the conflict between the Assassins and the Templar, but what it delivers is convoluted mess. The purpose and motives on both sides are entirely questionable and plainly stupid at points.

It’s clear that this movie is nothing more than free-running and fighting. Fortunately, this is the area where Assassin’s Creed excels. Remember watching The Matrix and being in awe of the choreography and stunts? We were reminded of this feeling when seeing Fassbender in action – maybe not to the same degree as The Matrix – but the comparison is reasonable.

The explanation of the Apple of Eden, which is the whole motive of the movie, is sparse and barely makes any sense. It’s said to contain the secrets to world peace, but how? Who knows – the writers of the script certainly don’t. Nonetheless, the camera work and clear contrast of colours make for a pleasant watch. The 15th Century is full of mute and dull colours, whereas the present day is brighter and lighter. It’s a clear contrast, and makes it easy for the viewers who will (inevitably) fall asleep to establish which time period they’re in during the slower parts of the flick.

In summary, watch this movie for the fighting and the cinematography. Ignore the dialogue and the flimsy motives throughout, and just prepare yourself for the next shot of adrenaline when Fassbender returns to the Animus.

6.9 Decent

Even Michael Fassbender can't break the video-game-to-movie curse.

  • Action 9.5
  • Cinematography 9
  • Story 5
  • Clarity 4

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