… if you’re a fan of Aquaman from the comics then you could probably guess this, but Black Manta will indeed be the main villain in the standalone movie (according to The Wrap.)

There’s no proof or confirmation that this is true, but The Wrap are usually spot on and it’s an obvious shout that Black Manta would be the bad guy that helps introduce Aquaman onto the big screen in his first solo venture. Black Manta was created in 1967 and has undergone plenty of changes in origin and continuity over the years. Recently, he’s holding a grudge for the death of his father against Aquaman – and rightfully so. He accidentally murdered Black Manta’s dad, so he’s got every reason to be angry.

Black Manta

If you’ve watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice then you’ve already seen Jason Momoa in action as Aquaman. He also appeared prominently in the first footage from the Justice League movie released at San Diego Comic-Con.

Momoa will be joined by Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, and Kristofer Hivju in the James Wan directed movie. The movie is being written by Will Beal from a treatment supplied by the President of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns. For release dates of Aquaman and other comic book movies, check out our calander!


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