Please introduce yourself to our readers – how long have you been drawing comics, and how did you manage to get into the comic book industry?

My first graphic novel, that I wrote and drew, was RIFTS Machinations of Doom for RPG publisher Palladium Books. Concurrently I did webcomics for years, Butternutsquash and Kukuburi, which then led me to work on Jim Henson’s Tale Of Sand. Said book garnered me a few Eisner Awards which garnered the attention of Marvel and DC, which opened up further opportunities at those companies which I had had a smattering of work at before. So, basically, I hustled, a lot.

You’re currently drawing Nova, which sees the original Nova, Richard Ryder, and the new Nova, Sam Alexander, share pages. Are there any challenges that come with this?
yeah, making sure everyone looks handsome when they’re not wearing their helmet.

Is there any pressure when drawing an iconic character like the original Nova? You’ve definitely drawn him with your own take, and we think he looks great.
Not really. I draw a character and design him to the point where I am happy. I believe if I am enjoying what I am doing, that will translate into the work, and the fans enjoyment of said work.

Rich’s return has been highly anticipated for a long time, is there any additional pressure on you considering the fact that fans have waited so long for him to come back?
Not really.

Your style matches the energetic and fun nature of these characters and their adventures. Have you adapted to match the script or is this your usual style?
If you look at my body of work, you’ll see that I adjust my style to reflect the mood and aesthetic I want the story to convey. So yes, i Adjusted my style to match the energy and feel I wanted to convey in Nova.

What is it that excites you the most when it comes to drawing this comic in particular?
The most exciting part is that I am co-writing the series with Jeff Loveness. This allows me to help create the stories, and steer the characters and their adventures in directions I would like to go.

Can you hint as to what we’ll see the Novas get up to later in the story?
Awesomeness and more awesomeness.

Do you have any other projects coming in the near future?
i do. They will be announced shortly. For now, mum’s the word.

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