Please introduce yourself to our readers – how long have you been writing comics, and how did you manage to get into the comic book industry?

My name is Danilo Beyruth, I’m 43 years old and I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’ve drawn for my entire life, which ended leading me for a job i’m advertisement. In 2006 I started a illustration business with a couple of friends which granted me some spare time that I used to start making comics. I’ve participated in a couple of north american anthologies like Jesus Hates Zombies, Popgun and did a couple of covers for Fubar. Mainly indie stuff. Meanwhile, here in Brazil I’ve been busy publishing just about a graphic novel per year, some of which ended up been republished in Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and Argentina.

In 2015 I decided to try the Marvel/DC route, got myself a portfolio of works that¬†Chiaroscuro’s Joe Prado, my agent, showed around. I was working on backups and shorts for Marvel, mainly on the Deadpool editorial with characters like Howard the Duck and Gwenpool. Jordan White and Heather Antos, editors of the books, invited me for the Deadpool v Gambit mini and after that I was given the opportunity to be a part of the relaunch of the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider.

You did a great job on Deadpool Vs. Gambit – we’re really big fans of these characters together – what was your highlight of drawing the series? Ours has to be the Deadfist costume!

For me the highlights have been drawing a lot of peripheral characters from Marvel like Cottonmounth, Hydra troops, Odin and so on. Deadpool is based on humor, so it was great fun doing those characters in a wacky way.

Your take on Robbie Reyes seems to lean more towards the previous comics rather than the version we’re currently seeing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. –¬†was this a conscious decision or is it just your natural style?

I’m still to watch the Agents of Shield take on the Ghost Rider, so my take is focused on continuing the story that Felipe Smith started telling all the way back at the start of the series. As for style, my take is that you should take any critique you get and improve on, but to sell your best. Some of my work tends to be a bit more realistic and some of it tends to go for a little more caricatured style. it really depends on what the script asks.

Was their any pressure when it came to introducing The Totally Awesome Hulk and All-New Wolverine into Ghost Rider?

As for the Totally Awesome Hulk being in the series, I think it’s a way for Robbie’s Ghost Rider to feel more a part of the Marvel Universe. And I can’t help but to give the characters my take based on the script.

Can you hint as to what we’ll see Reyes get up to in later issues?

As for the future of Robbie, I can hint that elements that were introduced on the first series will be back, more powerful than before.

Do you have any other projects coming in the near future?

Right now I’m working on issue 4 and scheduled for one more.


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