Check out the new gameplay trailer for Injustice 2 below!

So during the Mortal Kombat X Pro Tournament, the creators over at Neather Realm Studios decided to release the gameplay trailer for Injustice 2. It’s certainly impressive, and gives us a more realistic idea as to what the final product will look like. Especially considering that the initial trailer was a cinematic, we had no real concept of the visual aspect of the game. It looks relatively similar to the original game, but with ramped up graphics and some even more impressive fight sequences. They’re definitely capitalising on Supergirl’s current popularity, whilst also introducing Gorilla Grodd to wider audiences.

We’re itching to play the game and the idea of customising each hero as you go along is something that Injustice 2 really will hold over other fighting games in this style. Hopefully, the game itself won’t be a let down and will live up to the hype.

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