Before we get into the details released by Geoff Johns himself, watch the Injustice 2 trailer below.

Wow. It’s one hell of an impressive cinematic trailer, and some of the visuals match up with Johns’ and the developer Ed Boon’s comments on the new style of the game. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the two talk about how they want to bring the customisable, ever changing aspect of games like Destiny – to the fighting style that Injustice boasts. So it will focus on constantly upgrading your personal fighter’s gear and weapons throughout the course of the game. Boon went on to make an example by saying: “There are thousands and thousands of pieces for, let’s say, the Flash, You are in the constant process of making your version of the Flash.”

For players of the original game, Injustice 2 will follow the storyline in which Superman had become an evil dictator after the deaths of Lois and his unborn son. But Johns’ has warned fans not to expect this to become part of the DC Extended Universe, as he definitively states “They’re separate completely.“… looks like we won’t be seeing an evil Henry Cavill any time soon then.

What do you make of the Injustice 2 trailer? We loved the visuals, here’s hoping that they match the actual gameplay. Tweet us your thoughts on the trailer @HeroesDirect.


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