We’ve got a look at the Injustice 2 story thanks to a brand new trailer, watch it below.

It seems to indicate that Brainiac has been watching the events of the first game and decided that the lines must be redrawn. How he’ll do that exactly, we’re not sure. But it definitely seems to follow some of the storylines from before. We see the death of The Joker and Lois Lane, whilst it’s clear that Superman has lost his sanity.

We get a glimpse of a conflict between Wonder Woman and Supergirl, which could make for some excellent storylines in itself. We get a look at Supergirl and Robin in action during the trailer, and its safe to say that no friendship is sacred during this game. The pre-order teaser at the end also reveals a classic DC Comics character will be available.

Players who pre order the game will be able to access the legendary villain Darkseid as a playable character. It’s fair to say that we’re a little bit excited for this one. It seems like the villains are definitely a huge part of the second game in the series, as we’ve previously seen Harley Quinn and Deadshot as part of the Injustice 2 universe. Will you be playing?



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