He’s certainly not everybody’s favourite comic book character, but Marvel’s Hyperion is about to enter the Contest of Champions – the mobile game that never seems to get old. This announcement come in the form of a spotlight trailer, and you can check it out below.

Here’s a little character biography from the Contest of Champions website:

An infant cast into space, Hyperion was the only survivor of a dying race, on a dying world. He crashed to Earth, and was found by a man who called himself Father. Father would teach him right from wrong, good from evil, instilling in him a set of morals which would guide him into using his incredible powers as a sworn protector of our world.

If that sounds familiar, then it’s for a good reason. Comic book fans will know Hyperion is Marvel’s answer to DC Comics’ Superman, and many people consider him a straight rip-off.

The Content of Champions site recommends matching Hyperion up with Electro, Abomination, and Groot – so obviously the game works a little different in terms of team-ups than from the comics. Either way, he’s an immensely strong character that’s probably worth unlocking when he’s released in the game.

But when will Hyperion become available to unlock? By the time you’re reading this, he’s in your app waiting for you. Go and have fun!


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