Marvel Contest of Champions is no stranger to the weird and wonderful characters from the characters such as Howard the Duck, so it’s about time one of their more out-there heroes joined the game! That’s right, you can now play as the Unbelievable Gwenpool.

Here’s what Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera had to say about Gwen Poole’s addition:

She does have the Deadpool vibe, but there’s a distinction: she’s just a normal person who’s very knowledgeable in story tropes and Marvel lore. Deadpool is part of the Marvel Universe and can’t help being who he is, while Gwenpool is very methodically manipulating in what she thinks is a fictional universe for her own benefit. And she does that in the game too. She has played [“Marvel Contest of Champions”] in her “real” universe, so she knows how the gameplay goes, and how to exploit it.

Will Gwenpool’s deviate from the comics at all, or is she going to stay exactly as we like her?

She’s such a new character, we wanted to keep her really close to what we have seen in the comics. One thing we paid special attention to was not to make her body idealized: she’s a normal teenage girl playing Super Hero, not a muscled athlete. We also gave her some interesting weapons, like the pink bazooka, the football bomb and the Special-Edition Collector Plushie, which she uses as a shield when blocking.

Gwenpool is available in Marvel Contest of Champions right this second, what are you waiting for?


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