It’s Batman Day! In honour of this joyous occasion, we’ve decided to take a look at the Arkham games – this coincides nicely with the impending release of Batman: Return to Arkham, a remastered version of these games combined.

4. Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins is the only game in the Arkham series that wasn’t developed by Rocksteady, and that goes some of the way towards it being the worst in the series – and the fact that it’s absent from Return to Arkham. Just because it’s the worst, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It was strange that a prequel came next after the courageous ending of Arkham City, and it suggests that the series had no way of working without The Joker.

3. Arkham City

Now we’re not expecting everybody to agree with this decision, but when you’ve got such a strong trilogy, there’s not much separating the games. Arkham City gave the users more choice in terms of user’s decisions, and it gave a wide variety of villains to face. The best thing about this game is the stellar gameplay, and killing The Joker off is a move not many players expected to be made.

2. Arkham Knight

2015’s Arkham Knight saw excellent game mechanics taken up a notch on next-gen consoles. The graphics and scenery in this game is second to none, and makes exploring the huge map an experience. The storyline in this game is arguably stronger than that of its predecessor, as it focuses on the “Who is the Arkham Knight” plot, and it just works. It really does. The only downside to this game is the Batmobile, which isn’t always as smooth as you’d expect it to be; travelling at maximum speed makes it hard to navigate through the city and having to shoot down bad guys all of the time actually became a tad tedious.

1. Arkham Asylum

Ahh, sweet nostalgia. Arkham Asylum is a masterpiece. Not long after the enormous release of The Dark Knight, this game allowed players and fans alike to feel like they were truly donning the cowl. It’s a suitably gritty take on the Arkham universe and it feels like the comic books have come to life in front of your very eyes. Taking down Batman’s rogue gallery one-by-one is ridiculously pleasing, and the combat system is pleasing down to the last punch.

These games being remastered will truly show how these games stand up against each other, but there’s really not too much in it. You can hop on the main three games at any point and you’ll have almost endless amounts of fun, especially if you’re a fan of storylines similar to something you’d find in comics.


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